Town Manager

The day-to-day business of operating the Town is the responsibility of the Town Manager, the chief administrator of the Town appointed by the Town Council. Through various departments, the Town Manager is responsible for providing and maintaining the essential services of the Town. Acting in much the same way as a chief executive officer of a corporation, the Town Manager oversees the efficient and cost-effective operation of the Town. Citizens require and depend upon the Town for certain services; among them are fire and police protection, recreational facilities, parks, sanitation and street maintenance. The Town Manager delegates responsibility and coordinates the many tasks performed daily by town employees.

The Town Manager is responsible for the preparation of the Town's annual budget. The budget reflects the anticipated revenue and projected expenses for the upcoming year, and is the subject of public hearings. The Town Manager, in carrying out the responsibilities of fiscal planning and of other areas of city government, has the authority to appoint the heads of the various administrative departments.

Council determines policy and overall direction for the Town by legislation, and the Town Manager is responsible for the execution of the council's decisions and direction.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeff Kulaga Town Manager (480) 505-5376