Mayor & Council

The Town of Guadalupe has a Council/Manager form of government. The elected and appointed officials who serve the Town of Guadalupe are a dedicated group of individuals that value their roles as public servants.  Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service.  Council candidate elections are held in even-numbered years.  The following information outlines the Town of Guadalupe elected officials, including their term expiration dates:



Term Expiration

Valerie Molina


November, 2026

Ricardo Vital

Vice Mayor

November, 2024

Mary Bravo


November, 2026

Esteban F. V. FuerteCouncilmemberNovember, 2026
Elvira OsunaCouncilmemberNovember, 2024

Joe Sánchez


November, 2026

Anita Cota SotoCouncilmemberNovember, 2024

The term for Mayor is two years and the terms for Councilmembers are four years.

Guadalupe Town Hall is located at 9241 South Avenida del Yaqui, Guadalupe, AZ  85283,  (480) 730-3080.