Housing and Utility Assistance

NOTE:  For Rental Housing, Mortgage Assistance, and Utility Assistance (water, power and gas) Guadalupe residents can apply for assistance through Maricopa County Human Services by calling (602) 506-0589 or through the Maricopa County Client Portal.   Click here for program details!

To Apply, the Following is Needed:

  1. Birth Certificate (US Passport or Tribal ID is OK)
  2. Government ID (Driver’s License or ID card)
  3. Social Security Cards for all household members
  4. Bills-Current Bills (Salt Water Project (SRP) power and water, Southwest Gas; Water, Sewer, Trash from City of Tempe)
  5. Proof of income for 60 days (paystubs, social security, benefit letter, etc.)
  6. Rental agreement/lease/mortgage statement or tax form
Assistance requires proof of crisis, loss of income statement, and birth certificates for minor children.  The fastest way to apply is using the Maricopa County website below through the Client Portal.  https://hsdclientportal.maricopa.gov/  
Livvy Ramirez, Program Specialist, Housing
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