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The Mayor and Council of Guadalupe are pleased to bring residential recycling to residents beginning January 2015. With implementation of the curbside recycling pickup program, Guadalupanos can work together to reduce waste and conserve natural resources. By recycling materials, the amount of refuse that is disposed of in landfills is reduced and waste materials are recycled into making products with value. By working with Waste Management of Arizona, Guadalupe's curbside recycling program allows residents to recycle various types of paper, aluminum, cardboard, steel cans, and plastics.

Transition to Recycling

Transitioning to having both recycle and refuse pickups will help Guadalupe families reduce their impact on the environment and help provide a safer and greener environment for future generations. Recycling is a group effort and you should find that children and seniors alike will enjoy participating. Best of all, recycling is free and easy. Below are the major changes to the curbside refuse and recycle collection services provided by Waste Management and the Town:

• Guadalupe residents currently have two (2) refuse pickups per week – this will be modified to one (1) refuse pickup and one (1) recycle pickup per week.

• Each residence with a Tempe water bill with refuse charges will be given one (1) new recycle can for which only be used for recyclable items in addition to the refuse can(s) already at the residence.

• The Town will continue to offer the Saturday morning refuse drop off at the Maintenance Yard. The drop off program starts at 7:30 a.m. and will end once the roll-off container is full.

The Town will receive $5.00 per ton of “uncontaminated” recycling collection. Residential noncompliance with proper use of recycling cans will result in losing this revenue for the Town.

• The Town will continue to encourage the “bag and tie” method of refuse disposal. The bag and tie method is simply placing all perishable garbage such as diapers, grass, animal waste, and food waste in sealed trash bags. Using this method helps maintain sanitary conditionals for residents, families, and the general environment. Recycling items do not need to be bagged and tied.

Anticipating your Refuse & Recycle Can Needs

Most households will find that one trash can and one recycling can will be sufficient given that the full range of recyclable materials are disposed of into the recycle can. Transferring recyclable items from your regular refuse to recycle cans is easy to do. Most households will also find that children will be enthusiastic about participating in the recycling program and keeping our environment clean.

• Should your household find the need for additional refuse pickup, an additional refuse can may be ordered at Town Hall for a monthly fee of $20.75 to be added the Tempe water bill.

• Having separate recycle and refuse containers in your house will be the easiest way to separate recyclable materials and refuse/garbage that needs to be bagged and tied.

• Recycle cans will begin to be dropped off at each residence throughout the month of December with recycle services starting the first week of January 2015. Residents will be notified of their specific days of pickup once the routes have been determined by Waste Management. Guidelines for Blue Lid Recycling Containers

Place only acceptable recyclable materials in container. Ordinances will be in place to address noncompliance with this matter and violations are possible.

• Place container in street with wheels against curb next to the sidewalk by 6 A.M. on your collection day

• Do not block sidewalks or driveway with the container. If the container is near these objects, there is a potential the driver will not pick up the load.

• Place container at least 8 feet from parked vehicles or any fixed object.

• Remove the container from the curb by 8 P.M. on collection day and place container on your property.

• Recyclable items do not need to be bagged. Refuse/garbage still need to be bagged and placed into refuse containers.

• If your container is damaged, it must be replaced. Replacement recycle cans will be ordered by the same process currently being used for refuse containers. The resident requesting a replacement container will need to provide a valid Tempe water bill and I.D. to Town staff at Town Hall and fill out a replacement request. The requesting resident should expect a replacement can within 2 – 4 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Guadalupe’s curbside commingled recycling program get started? The Mayor and Council of Guadalupe adopted the amendment to the contract with Waste Management of Arizona in May 2014. Implementation of the recycling program will begin December 2014 and full implementation and recycling pick ups will begin January 1, 2015.


is commingled recycling? It is simply placing all the recyclables together in your recycling container, while placing all bagged and tied refuse/trash into your trash container.

What materials can be recycled? Plastic, aluminum, steel (tin) cans, cardboard, chipboard, paper, newspapers, and magazines. Glass cannot be recycled at this time. See the complete list on this page.

What type of container is the recycling can? Our blue lid cans are just like the 96-gallon containers you currently use for curbside refuse pickup. The containers are on wheels and are easily moved.

How does the recycling program work? Residents are asked to place their recyclable materials into their recycling container, and wheel it out to the curb on the assigned weekly collection day. All remaining garbage must be sealed in a plastic bag, as required by the Maricopa County Department of Environmental Management and Town of Guadalupe Ordinances, to prevent fly breeding. This bagged garbage is to be placed in the regular refuse container, and will be picked up on the other weekly collection day.

When are my days of recycle and refuse pickup? The schedule of pickup times will be:

- West of Avenida del Yaqui:  Monday – Recycle Pickup; Thursday – Refuse Pickup 

- East of Avenida del Yaqui:  Tuesday – Recycle Pickup; Friday – Refuse Pickup



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