Town of Guadalupe

Where Three Cultures Flourish

Easter Ceremonies & Traditional Dances

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church & Santa Lucia Church
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church & Santa Lucia Church

The most important occasion for the Yaqui in Guadalupe are the Lent and Easter ceremonies. The Yaquis, called Yoeme, migrated to Guadalupe from Mexico. The deer dances and the pascola dances and other ceremonies had their origins in the early 1600s in Mexico. The community opens some parts of these ceremonies to the public, and all are invited. However, people must observe and respect the Yaquis’ wishes that no photos be taken and that no drawings or recordings be made. There is a town ordinance with fines for such activity.

Dances, instruments, masks and costumes are an important part of Yaqui arts and tradition, and have helped them to maintain a strong sense of identity. These ancient dances and songs have been taught for generations, and are passed down through trained instructors.


*Reminder Lent Starts February 6, 2008 which begins the Lent and Easter ceremonies.

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