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Town of Guadalupe
Where Three Cultures Flourish

Businesses in Guadalupe

When you arrive in Guadalupe you will feel like you crossed the border without ever leaving the state!

Guadalupe has brought all the unique goods of Mexico together in a place that's just next door. Along Avenida Del Yaqui street you will discover roadside fruit stands, numerous specialty shops, and one of the only authentic Mexican bakeries in the Valley. However, the height of Guadalupe's shopping experience is Guadalupe's Mercado, El Tianguis.

El Tianguis is a courtyard style shopping center with many unique shops and Restaurants. Imagine being able to buy such items as pickled cactus, made-to-order pinatas, authentic mexican pottery, Yaqui Indian art, leather boots and saddles and more, all in one place! Many of these goods may not be available anywhere else in Arizona. In addition, live music is feautured most weekends.

What You'll Find in Guadalupe

9241 S Avenida del Yaqui * Guadalupe, AZ * 85283 * (480) 730-3080