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Town of Guadalupe
Where Three Cultures Flourish

Financial Statements and Documents

The Town of Guadalupe has worked hard in conjunction with the State of Arizona to be as transparent as possible.  You will find our Audits, Annual Budgets and other important guiding financial documents in this section. 

If you would like to review the revenues and expenses in detail for the Town of Guadalupe, please click on the Arizona OpenBooks website link below.

Attached Document or File Arizona Openbooks  
Guadalupe Cost Policy

Tax Code Amendment - Public Hearing


Guadalupe Privilege License Tax Code Amendment

Notice is hereby given this 9 day of February, 2011, that the Mayor and Council of the Town of Guadalupe contemplate possible adoption of an Ordinance relating to its Privilege License Tax; amending the Tax Code of Guadalupe increasing the General Rate of Taxation to four percent (4%): Providing penalties for the violation thereof; Providing for severability; Designating an effective date and making provision for existing contracts.

Building Permit Increase Public Hrg 9-25-14 7pm

9241 S Avenida del Yaqui * Guadalupe, AZ * 85283 * (480) 730-3080