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Town of Guadalupe
Where Three Cultures Flourish

Town Departments

The Town Administration is here to serve you.  Our duties are mainly related to overall town administration, so if you are unsure which department or individual to contact for assistance, the Town Administration is the place to turn.

Town employees are dedicated, motivated, and committed to providing the best service they can to Guadalupe citizens.

To see financial reports click on Finance tab.

Town Manager (Jeff Kulaga)
Town Manager

Town Clerk (Jeff Kulaga)
Town Clerk / License Administrator

Guadalupe Municipal Court

Fire Department (Wayne Clement)
Fire Chief

Finance (Bob Thaxton)
Finance Director

CAP Office (Catalina Alvarez)
CAP Director

Senior Center (Veronica Matuz)
Senior Center Director

Public Works (Gerardo Moreno)

Building Inspector (Marc Stern)
Contracted Building Inspector

Community Development (Town Manager)
Jeff Kulaga

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

9241 S Avenida del Yaqui * Guadalupe, AZ * 85283 * (480) 730-3080